What kind of church is The Angel Church anyway? We get this question from time to time so are happy to spell it out here!
1. We are a Bible church:
Our church places a strong emphasis on the Bible as the inspired Word of God. We believe in the authority and relevance of Scripture in all areas of life and strive to base our teachings and practices on the Bible’s clear teaching.
The study and exposition of the Bible are central to our worship services, sermons, Bible studies, training sessions, and small group gatherings. We encourage individuals to engage in personal Bible reading and provide resources to deepen their understanding of God’s Word.
2. We are an evangelical church:
As an evangelical church, we hold and teach the good news – the Gospel – message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone. We emphasise the need for personal, living, spiritual relationship with Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
We actively seek to share Jesus and His teaching with others, locally, nationally, and globally, through outreach and evangelism in a range of formats. Our desire is to see people come to know Christ and experience the life-transforming power of His grace.
3. We are a non-denominational church:
Our church is non-denominational, which means we are not affiliated with any specific denominational heirarchy. We enjoy fellowship, association, partnership, and alliance with a range of churches and organisations like-minded on essentials and foundational Christian beliefs as well as our doctrinal distinctives.
We value unity in the essentials of the Christian faith while recognising that there will be diverging opinions, interpretations, and practice at times in non-essential matters. As a church we strive to come together and worship God in spirit and truth, regardless of tradition and experience.
4. We are a baptist church:
Baptist is not to be confused as a denomination – though there is such – rather it speaks primarily to the Biblical principles of believer’s baptism by immersion and the autonomy of the local church in its governance. We are not a state church nor do we believe that such an institution wherein a nation’s government is the technical head of ‘the church’ is the right pattern.
We have a recognised leadership and membership at The Angel Church and value and encourage congregational involvement in key decisions in our church community. Our leadership and membership is accountable and responsible to disciplined upholding of church confession and covenant.
5. We are a complementarian church:
As a complementarian church, we believe in the Biblical principle that men and women are created equal in value and worth, having different, complementary roles in the family and the church.
We affirm the Biblical teaching that men are called to lead and serve their families and the church, and women are called to love and serve their families and the church in various roles and ministries. We value and honour both sexes, recognizing the unique gifts and contributions each brings.
6. We are a community church:
Our church seeks to reach everyone in our community – The Angel, Islington – and so we see a representation of Biblical diversity. We welcome singles and couples, families of all sizes. We have multiple countries – upwards to 20 – represented in our gathering. We strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment for individuals of all ages, from infancy to old age. We have people in our congregation of various abilities and disabilities and value each as wonderfully made in God’s image and worthy of love and respect.
We care for the immediate needs of the local population – Christian or not – and seek to provide meaningful practical aid and care to those most vulnerable throughout the week.
7. We are a Christ-loving church:
Our ultimate focus and passion is Jesus Christ. We seek to exalt and honour Him in all that we do, recognizing Him as the head of the church.
We strive to grow in our love for Christ through worship, prayer, fasting, discipleship, and service. We aim to follow His teachings and example as we seek to make a positive impact in our local community and beyond.
We make mistakes. We fall short. But as we look to Christ he empowers us to be more like Him. We are real people with real problems, who have a real Saviour, who enables us to fulfil what it is to be a real church.