What about COVID-19?

The doors of The Angel Church remain open for prayer, counsel, and aid as is in line with Government guidelines. We have teamed up with The People's Army Islington to provide meals to local elderly and vulnerable people. So far over 4000 meals have been provided. Find out more of what we are doing and details of online meetings...

I Hope In Christ

Our friends at Grace Baptist Partnership (GBP) have put together a number of testimonies of pastors explaining why they hope in Christ. Watch Regan, Pastor of The Angel Church, explain why he has hope in Christ and what this looks like then watch the GBP playlist!

Real People. Real Problems. Real Saviour .

The Angel Church is a local church, for local people, worshipping the Lord of all.

Urgent - donations needed

Would you consider giving a one-off donation to help The Angel Church in what is set to be a difficult year due to COVID-19? The Angel Church is continuing to serve the local community and is in need of your support!

The Bible's Big Story

Do you feel like your knowledge of what is going on in the Bible is lacking? Are you wanting to learn more of what it's all about? Do you want to understand why Old and New Testaments are relevant and necessary?  Join us on Tuesdays at 7 or consider scheduling a one-to-one coffee shop meetup with our pastor.